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HI AIESECers and ILC Delegates!

My name is Yesenia De Jesús. I’m the CCP of this awesome congress ILC 2011. I’m 23 years old and currently studying Accounting and Human Resources in the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. I like traveling, going to the beach and eating ice cream.

I started in AIESEC in November of 2008. In my XP I have been OC, also part of the Communications team and MCVP Finance in AIESEC Puerto Rico. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in many conferences. Seven of them are international: ILC 2009 Guatemala, JUMP 2009 Panama, Functional Meetings 2009 Brazil, CLC 2009 Dominican Republic, ILC 2010 Peru, NATCO 2010 Colombia and IC 2010 India. I’ve had all the roles in conferences, like: OC, OC Coach, Faci and Chair. Now, after the great experience that I had in IC 2010 India and my participation in the creation of 2015 Vision, I decided to apply for MCVP ER in AIESEC CAS. After I finish all the process I was selected  MCVPER in February 11th, 2011.

I think my AIESEC experience has moved really fast in the last two years, but thanks to that I’ve developed a lot in a personal and professional way. My first international congress was ILC 2009 Guatemala, and after this great experience got excited about this type of congress.  I believed this congress was possible in my country so I started to get involved in the first steps: making the ILC Bid. I managed the team to make this proposal possible and made sure that it fulfilled all the requirements for the acceptance of AI and the IGN MCPs. Then, after more than a year of waiting for the answer, Puerto Rio was announced as the host of ILC 2011 in IPM 2010 Tunishia. Immediately, I started the process of research and studied many AIESEC and non AIESEC conferences to collect the best ideas to plan the ILC 2011. Then in May 2010, AIESEC Puerto Rico opens the application for CCP and I was selected.

In June 1st I finished my MCVP Finance position and started with the CCP responsibility. So in June Ist, I recruited part of my team but I also had in mind to try to get newbie AIESECers. Why new? Because my country in terms of AIESEC is in development, so I need to prepare people to continue with the actual MC and ILC legacy. So, if you want to know more: What happened in the process working with new people that are working in an OC for the first time in their lives? What were the main challenges in this congress? What are the results? Why the CC Vikingos name? How is it to work with a budget of more than 100,000 USD? What I’m learning in this experience? For all the things you want to know, you need to come to the ILC 2011 and asking me in person. J

Soooo see you in a few days in my island! I hope will be the best experience in your AIESEC XP!


Yesenia CCP

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