Know more about María, TL External Relations

Hello fellow AIESECer’s!

My name is María Frederique and I am CC Team Leader of External Relations for the much anticipated Iberoameriacan Leadership Congress. I am 18 years old and currently a freshman at the Rio Piedra’s campus of the University of Puerto Rico; majoring in public relations and considering a minor in literature.  

I’m very passionate towards music and fashion industry, one, which I’m not sure if I have given up on the possibility of pursuing, yet. However, college has opened up for me numerous opportunities such as being able to join AIESEC and become part of this incredible team. I joined my local committee exactly 6 moths ago and, as soon as I got in, I applied to enter at the Congress Committee (CC). For my surprise I got accepted!! I can honestly say that being able to have my first AIESEC experience in such a short period as part of this CC has been a huge leap in my development and an absolute honor. I have leaned so much from everyone in this team and I’ am truly confident that we’ll deliver the best ILC AIESEC has ever seen. Can’t wait to see you all here enjoying our country and everything that we have planned for all of you!

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