Know more about Clyde, OCP of the Study Tour

My name is Clyde Fasick Fumero and I’m the OCP for the ILC Study Tour. I’m 18 years old and I study Marketing at the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez Campus aiming for a future in economy and international relations.

I have been in AIESEC for a semester. I joined in September 2010 as the Coordinator of Communications and I haven’t looked back. I heard about AIESEC from a close friend who is a member of AIESEC in the United States. He told me that AIESEC was life changing, that AIESEC is just one, big amazing experience that helps you grow as a person and as a leader. Until now, it has been just that.

Honestly, I really don’t like it when people ask me who I am. How am I supposed to describe myself in words? I can talk to you about my interests, which are politics, economy, film/theater and music. If I’m not working, I’m playing my guitar and writing music, watching movies or going out with friends. I can also tell you about how I am: I’m an outgoing person who loves meeting new people and learning new things. Maybe I can tell what I believe. I believe that every human in the world is connected in a way that we all must be responsible for each other. What happens in one hemisphere will affect another, and we all must take charge to lead our world into a better and brighter future.

AIESEC has been a life changer. The people I’ve met are enough to say that I’ll stay here for as long as I can. However AIESEC gave me more than I ever wanted. AIESEC has helped me mature and develop the leader in me. Now I see responsibility as a challenge and a duty instead of a weight pulling me down. Now, I want to strive for more and excel at whatever it is I have to do.

This is why I hate it when people ask me who I am. I’ve told you all this information and yet I still feel like I haven’t said enough.  All I can say is that I’m interesting, funny and creative. Creative, that’s the word I would use. I’m creative in every sense of the word. Whether it’s with music, AIESEC or business, I always try to make it my own and find new ways to make it better. But really, the only way you’ll really get to now me is by meeting me in ILC and the Study Tour. See you there! 

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