Know more about Andrés, TL External Relations


    My name is Andrés Remigio, part of the Congress Commitee External Relations team of the Iberoamerican Leadership Congress 2011. I’m studying Civil Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez in my third year and I want to specialize in Environmental Engineering. I’m 21 year old, and I enjoy dancing salsa. I know three languages: Spanish, English and Italian. I like volleyball and track and field. In my spare time, I love to go to the beach with my friends and read.

       I joined AIESEC in September 2010 as part of the ER team having no idea of what I was going to do in this area but I don’t regret that I did. I found out about this excellent organization thanks to a friend, Natalia Mattei, actual LCP of AIESEC Río Piedras. Everything started when I ask her about a couple of photos she had from India.  The reason why I decided to become part of this family was the enormous opportunities AIESEC offers, and in only 5 month I have learned a lot! I remember that in my induction seminar Yesenia, CCP of the ILC, was talking about the ILC and that they were going to recruit people to be part of the CC. That was the moment when I can really say that everything started. I had no experience in AIESEC but still I wanted to be part of the CC crew so I answered the call of adventure. A week later the great news!! YOU ARE PART OF THE CC!!!

       I honestly don’t know how to describe how much I’ve enjoyed being a part of the CC team. In the beginning it was kind of difficult to try to understand my role, but I’ve worked on it. I have to thank every single person in the CC because they have shown me a lot. I have discovered that I have a lot of potential and this has served as an inspiration to continue working in AIESEC. I expect a lot from you people in this congress because we have all been working hard in this project.  Prepare yourselves because you people are going to have one of the best experiences in your life. You will never forget Puerto Rico. Can’t wait to meet you in this magnificent event!

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